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Better Sex Through Yoga for Gay Men

Better Sex Through Yoga for Gay Men
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Better Sex Through Yoga for a Stronger, Younger, More Sexual You.

BONUS - This download also includes "What is Tantra" with Aaron Star and What is Hot Nude Yoga? - The Documentary


About Better Sex Through Yoga...


Pump some power into your sex life with Better Sex Through Yoga for Gay Men – a unique yoga routine designed by New York City Hot Nude Yoga founder Aaron Star, specifically for men with active lifestyles.

Come with Aaron as he uses proven ancient techniques to exercise those hard-to-reach internal muscles. This specialized full-body workout will raise your stamina, expand your flexibility and build your control, power and agility – making all your sexual encounters more satisfying!

• Improve self confidence and posture others will be sure to notice 
• Oxygenate the blood, increasing sexual energy and desire 
• Experience more intense, longer-lasting full body orgasms 
• Develop amazing control in the bedroom with better strength & flexibility 
• Revitalize nerve endings and increase blood circulation for longer endurance

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